Over 30 Los Angeles Live employees were evaluated by paramedics after a chemical spill from a 55-gallon drum.

Hazmat crews and other emergency personnel responded to the scene after multiple employees reportedly complained of sickness due to fumes.

“At noon, firefighters were dispatched to the parking structure of the JW Marriott hotel, located in the 1100 block of LA Live Way, after learning that a number of workers were complaining of feelings of illness after being exposed to the contents of the barrel,” CBS Los Angeles reports.

Rawsalerts writes:

Hazmat crews and other emergency personnel are currently on the scene at 1168 L.A. Live Way in downtown Los Angeles, responding to a chemical spill from a 55-gallon drum. Multiple employees complained of general sickness due to fumes emanating from unknown contents inside the drum. Emergency officials report that 30 people are injured and require medical assistance. Fire crews indicate that the substance is possibly ammonia, but its exact nature remains unknown as they are still working to identify the spilled chemical. The injured individuals will be treated on-site, and there is no need for transportation to medical facilities for additional treatment.

KTLA 5 reports:

A hazardous materials investigation in downtown Los Angeles has been cleared after emergency crews determined that a chemical that spilled from a barrel was not dangerous.


The emergency response happened Friday afternoon at L.A. Live after a 55-gallon drum was moved into a parking structure for cleaning and an employee apparently became sick from the container’s fumes.

The employee was treated on scene by paramedics but declined transportation to the hospital.

A hazardous materials crew responded to the entertainment complex around noon and were working to identify the contents of the drum. Air conditioning units located near the container were shut down in an effort to prevent the fumes from affecting other people.

No evacuations were ordered initially, but first responders later decided to evacuate all L.A. Live employees near the scene and set up a triage area for patients.

CBS Los Angeles noted:

In all, 33 people were evaluated after being exposed to the chemical, one of which was hospitalized. None of the workers are said to be showing serious signs of illness.

KTLA 5 aired this video report:

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