After a new poll in the state of New Hampshire, a swing state in this upcoming Presidential Election, indicates that those who support President Donald Trump are not as likely to publicly display their support for him. In fact, more than 60% of the President’s supporters said in the poll, conducted by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center, that they would not put a yard sign on their lawn or a bumper sticker on their car showing their support for Trump.

These residents are worried about their homes or cars being targeted by the leftist mob. On the other hand, the numbers drop for Biden supporters who about 30% of them would not publicly display their support for the Democratic nominee due to similar reasons.

Additionally, the poll revealed that more than 40% of those who support Donald Trump do not talk to their family, friends, or even coworkers about how they support the President in any way. Those who support former Vice President Biden, when asked the same question, said that only 20% of them do not talk about their backing of Biden.

Also, the poll demonstrates that about 50% of Biden supporters said that most people they knew also back Biden. However,  Trump supporters said that about 70% of people that they personally know also support him.

These poll results should not be of a shock and can be very relatable to. Ever since Donald Trump announced that he would run for office, the left has become increasingly more and more violent to the point at which a Trump supporter was executed in the streets of Portland, as previously reported by 100%FedUp.


Three shots rang out on the streets of Portland yesterday. When the police arrived on the scene there was a man lying on the ground shot in the chest. Just minutes later EMTs arrive on the scene, checked the victim’s vitals, and pronounce him dead. The victim was wearing clothes that supporting the President and the law enforcement community. So far the victim’s identity has not been released. There were multiple bystanders who caught the tragedy on video.

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***WARNING****Videos shows shooting and are graphic!

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Here is another perspective of the shooting:

The video below depicts ANTIFA thugs celebrating the execution of the Trump supporter.**WARNING****Video Contains Strong Language!

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