This is not a joke or fake news even though it seems like it! The more President Trump wins, the more the left becomes unhinged.

Liberals are mad that Donald Trump is actually winning the cultural war against the NFL. From football’s declining ratings to the suspension of left-wing activist-sportscaster Jemele Hill at ESPN, Americans are showing how they really feel about NFL players who disrespect the flag.

But rather than accept the lesson that people want less–not more–politics in their sports, high-profile celebrities are predictably doubling down.

Just look at rapper Sean “P. Diddy” Combs’ latest “dream.”

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What Combs is hinting at when he talks about “our” own league is making a football organization focused on blacks. The rapper’s imaginary personal football “dream” sounds very different from Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream.

Twitter users called him out on the “segregated” football league:

But most sane people realize Combs is going nowhere.  NFL ratings are indeed down. However, they’re down because mainstream America is tired of the disrespect to our flag.

Diddy retweets a mention that 70% of the NFL is black…Nice try but what he should be asking is who actually goes to the games and buys merchandise? Even the NFL Commissioner knows it’s about the money you bring in….


The irony here isn’t lost on us…Segregation is what the black community fought against and now it seems more and more we’re hearing of cases where they want to be segregated. College dorms, blacks-only meetings and protests…now it’s sports teams???




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