On the morning of November 3, a stunning video was shared on Twitter of Gary Feldman, a white male GOP poll watcher being turned away from a polling place in Philadelphia where he attempted to work.

“You’re not letting me in?” the white male poll worker asks people who he believed were poll workers at a voting precinct in Philadelphia.

“No!” says a black man, pointing at him as he stands in front of the doors blocking the doors to the precinct. “Call the police!” the black man standing in front of the door warns.

“I have a city-wide voter certificate,” he explains.

“It’s not for this location!” the black woman standing next to him tells the poll watcher.

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“You’re not coming in here, just go!” she tells the certified Republican poll watcher.

“This is the city of Philadelphia,” he tells them, begging them to read the certificate that explains he can go anywhere in the city of Philadelphia.

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Watch the incredible scene here:

This afternoon, during the PA Senate Majority Policy Committee’s hearing on “election issues and irregularities, Mr. Feldman explained how he and an attorney who was documenting the experiences of GOP poll watchers, heard that GOP poll watchers were not being allowed to enter a voting precinct in Philadelphia, so they headed over there to check it out.

Mr. Feldman explained that when he walked into the facility, he was told he wasn’t allowed to enter the facility to watch the absentee ballots being counted. The lawyer, Will Chamberlain videotaped the exchange. Feldman admits the two workers who kicked him out of the facility never identified themselves and he has no idea under what authority they had to kick him out of the facility.

Feldman told the committee that the video of him being threatened received over 3.8 million views. He explained that “fact-checkers,” who never contacted him put disclaimers on the video.  He said the so-called “fact-checkers” never called him and he never received a call from the commissioner’s office to verify his story.

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