Last week, Democrat presidential frontrunner Joe Biden held a rally in the state he calls “home.” By most accounts, a couple of hundred people showed up to hear his message. Anyone who’s been paying attention to the economy in Biden’s “homestate” of Pennsylvania for the past couple of decades, knows that the Democrats have not been kind to the blue collar workers. The failed  economic policies of Barack Obama and Joe Biden, are why voters in the formerly blue state took a chance on Trump, after he promised he would work to create jobs for the “forgotten worker” during his 2016 campaign.

Here’s a look at the line of Trump supporters waiting for the chance to hear him speak in the formerly blue state of Pennsylvania:

Republican activist Scott Presler shares a great video of the massive crowd inside the venue:

On June 11, 2017, President Trump traveled to Pennsylvania to participate in the opening of a mine 60 miles south of Pittsburg.

So much winning! “Were’ going to be winning so much, you’re going to be sick of winning!” -Candidate Donald J. Trump

President Donald Trump hailed the opening of the new coal mine as proof deregulation is helping bring jobs to the industry, even though plans for the mine’s opening were made well before Trump’s election.

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Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf said the mine was part of an effort to bring back jobs and industry to the state. Pennsylvania awarded a $3 million grant for the project.

“We have not always capitalized on our standing as one of the world’s leaders in these resources, but we’re changing that,” Wolf said.

Trump has made reversing the decades-long decline in coal mining the central tenet of his environmental policy, blaming federal regulations aimed at curbing planet-warming carbon emissions for job losses in the industry. Trump and Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt have targeted laws that protected waterways from coal waste and required states to slash carbon emissions from power plants. About a dozen protesters chanted in opposition to the mine at the opening.

Corsa Coal Corp. will supply coal used in making steel and is expected to generate up to 100 full-time jobs. The company said it decided in August to open the Acosta mine 60 miles south of Pittsburgh after a steel industry boom drove up prices for metallurgical coal.

Under a tent perched hundreds of feet above a freshly dug coal pit, about 200 miners, business leaders, and politicians celebrated amid the surge of enthusiasm for the industry. Mining headgear lay atop red, white, and blue table cloths labeled “Make Coal Great Again.”

“One by one, we’re eliminating the regulations that threaten your jobs, and that’s one of the big reasons you’re opening today: Less regulation,” Trump said. “We have withdrawn the United States from the horrendous Paris climate accord, something that would have put our country back decades and decades, we would have never allowed ourselves to be great again.”  For entire story: Mcall

David Urban of Penn Live writes about how Trump is coming back to a state that is in much better shape than he found them when Barack Obama was President and Joe Biden was his Vice President for 8 years.

When Donald Trump won the 2016 election, after barnstorming across Pennsylvania like a man with a serious purpose, most people hoped for an economic recovery by the end of his first term. Remarkably, he managed to accomplish that objective in just half the time, and the Pennsylvania he worked hard to win is much better off today as a result.

The economic transformation under President Trump has been nothing short of extraordinary — especially when compared to the dismal state of our economy under President Obama. In Pennsylvania, the turnaround has been especially dramatic.

At the worst point of Obama’s presidency, Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate reached an astounding 8.8 percent. By the time Obama left the White House, the unemployment rate was still well over 5 percent in the state.

One reason Pennsylvania fared so poorly in the aftermath of the Great Recession is that the Obama administration declared war on non-renewable energy, implementing punishing environmental regulations that nearly killed the coal industry in America.

“So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can; it’s just that it will bankrupt them, because they’re going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that’s being emitted,” President Obama said in 2008.

The Obama administration was also a disaster for the manufacturing sector — Pennsylvania alone lost roughly 51,000 manufacturing jobs between 2009 and 2017.

President Trump will see an entirely different Pennsylvania than he may remember when he visits Montoursville on Monday. The booming Trump economy has reversed the painful trends of the Obama era, and Pennsylvania has been a major beneficiary.

“America is sitting on a treasure trove of untapped energy on federal lands and hundreds of years of coal energy reserves,” Trump said while visiting the state in 2016. “I’m going to lift restrictions on American energy and allow this wealth to pour into our communities, including right here in the state of Pennsylvania.”

Kayleigh McEnany spoke with Fox News tonight where she explained how President Trump brought over half a million jobs back to Pennsylvania.

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