When the Democrat political machine in Philadelphia refuses to follow the statute…and a court order…permitting Republican election observers into the vote-counting process, the Democrats are clearly up to no good.

Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar said that “we definitely could” know who wins Pennsylvania by the end of the day on Thursday morning. The Secretary of State was live on CNN answering questions of the ongoing legal battle within the state.


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Meanwhile, Team Trump including Pam Bondi and Cory Lewandowski have been BARRED from entering the Philadelphia Ballot Counting Center even after receiving a court order from the Commonwealth Court.

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An NBC News staffer has falsely reported that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has overruled the Commonwealth Court ruling favoring the Trump campaign on overseeing the mail-in ballot count in Philadelphia. However, the court order still stands that allows the admittance of GOP representatives to watch how the ballots are being counted in the swing state’s blue city.


NBC News campaign reporter Maura Barrett propagated the false reporting, tagging her colleague NBC News chief foreign affairs correspondent Andrea Mitchell for credit of the court reversal coverage. In a since-deleted tweet, Political Polls copy-pasted the circulating post verbatim.

In response, Trump campaign spokesperson Jason Miller shot back that they would take this to the Supreme Court.

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