Fox News hosts Martha MacCallum and Bret Bair moderated a President Trump townhall in Scranton, Pennsylvania, a state that flipped for Trump in 2016 after 30 years of voting for Democrats for president.

Martha called on David, a Fox News townhall audience member, calling him a “typical voter,” explaining that he was a “lifelong Democrat who crossed over and voted for a President Trump in 2016. MacCallum pointed out that Democrat presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden are going to try to convince him to vote for them. MacCallum asked, “I’m curious, is there anything, or any issue that they could answer for you that would change your mind, do you think?”

“I’m focused on the economy and regulation and deregulation. And I like what’s happened in the country in the last 4 years.” Trump interrupted to thank him. He continued, “And I thank you for your efforts, sir. And I hope we can continue on that..”

“So, no. The answer would be no. Nothing could change your mind?’ MacCallum asked. “No, nothing could change your mind,” she clarified.

Trump quickly jumped in saying that it looked to him like MacCallum was trying to change his mind. “I think they thought you were going to give them a different answer. That sounded like a set-up question, but David, you’re my man!” Trump quipped.

The audience cheered for Trump’s response to David, his very satisfied supporter.

President Trump reminded the Fox News hosts of the incredible employment numbers in the area where the townhall is being held, “It’s been 30 years since a Republican won Pennsylvania, and based on the results, I think we’ll win it again very easily.”


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