First Lady Melania Trump toured the Beijing Zoo and The Great Wall of China during her extended stay in China. While President Trump went on to APEC in Vietnam, Melania enjoyed the Panda Exhibit where a beautiful panda ‘photobombed’ her in a great shot with 20 young school children: Notice the adorable bald eagle stuffed  animals that Melania passed out to the children…


The children, who held Chinese and American flags, were waiting for her outside of the zoo’s Panda House.

Melania has a way with children…The children sang for her as she exited the zoo’s Panda House.


First Lady Melania Trump admired China from a rare position on Friday as she walked an empty section of the Great Wall along the outskirts of Beijing during a personal tour.

Wearing a long tan skirt, black jacket and ballet flats, the 47-year-old former model took a cable car up to her destination, where she was greeted at the wall by an official.

Mrs. Trump signed a guest book at the wall and accepted a scroll as a gift.

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She then climbed a flight of stairs and spent 30 minutes walking the Mutianyu section of the long wall – one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

As she returned to her cable car, Mrs. Trump paused to look out over the expanse.

‘This is beautiful. This is amazing,’ she said according to a US official standing with her on the platform.

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