Death to capitalism!

Black Lives Matter is the furthest thing from their minds, as Antifa terrorists use the unrest that started in Minneapolis by Marxist BLM activists as an excuse to take their fight to business owners in Seattle.

A business owner and his employees share how they were attacked by Antifa after the owner was accused of videotaping the terrorists while he was attempting to text someone. The men in the video below explain how they were punched by Antifa thugs in front of the restaurant where they work.

Wherever violent Antifa anarchists are given free rein to rule the streets, absolutely no one is safe.

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Rioters in Seattle have just torched new buildings that were being constructed at the site of a new youth detention center.

In the video below, the arson video, a Starbucks building in Seattle has been destroyed. According to New York Times correspondent Mike Baker, the rioters have warned people to evacuate their residences above the Starbucks building.

Police are moving in and attempting to get the anarchists under control.

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