Last night, during a conversation with Chris Cuomo on CNN, fellow host Don Lemon expressed panic over the effect the out-of-control rioting is starting to have on the polls, as Americans are watching the Democrats support the destruction of their cities and neighborhoods in the name of “justice.”

Lemon warned that the riots in the midwestern city of Kenosha, WI are going to hurt the Democrats in the polls. “I think this is a blind spot for Democrats. I think Democrats are ignoring this problem and it’s not going away,” Lemon cautioned. The CNN host pleaded with Joe Biden to come out and make a speech, hilariously suggesting that he blames President Trump for the violent behavior of BLM and Antifa, adding, “The rioting has to stop.”

A video posted on Twitter by Dylan Brogan perfectly proves Lemon’s point. In the video, a Papa Johns employee can be seen shouting at Marxist BLM radicals after the windows of their restaurant were busted out.

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“Do you want Trump to be elected?” he shouts at the protesters? “I’ve got a family to support!” he says, as a woman who’s part of the group tries to suggest that the people who busted out his windows are not part of their group. “Well, they’re with you!” he responds.


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