The children were greeted at the Capitol steps in the communist state of Wisconsin by protestors singing hate songs with signs that read: Republicans and Walker rape or molest women and girls.

APPLETON, Wis. – I don’t frequent the Capitol building in Madison so I just assumed the “Capitol Singers,” a group protesting Governor Scott Walker in song had faded away.

I learned recently however that they are, as a line censored out of the sitcom “Last Man Standing” said of the Clintons, “They’re like shingles; just when you think they are gone, they pop back up.”

I received an email recently from a listener to my radio show who chaperoned a field trip his daughter’s 4th grade class at Horizons Elementary School in Appleton took to the State Capitol in late May. The story he shared was simply stunning:

Everyone on the field trip to the capitol was eating lunch on the capitol steps. At the same time there was a group of people protesting Walker and Act 10 singing hate songs and holding up signs saying that Republicans and Walker rape or molest women and girls.

Another parent pointed out to me that my daughter’s teacher was down there singing with them. I thought that I needed to find out what was actually being sung down there because a bunch of students were down there listening and recording on their cell phones what was happening. That is when I realized that they were singing terrible hate songs against Walker and what the signs said.

By the way, her teacher was holding a piece of paper with the words they were singing on it. When the kids were on their way back up they started chanting “Walker sucks” and some other mean things. That’s when I stopped them and asked why they were doing that and they didn’t know what to say. I asked three times and one of the boys spoke up and said that Mr. Niquette was just doing it also. That is my daughter’s teacher.

Feeling it inappropriate to confront the teacher in front of children, the parent contacted the school to see if such behavior violated school policy. He ended up in an email exchange with the teacher, Scott Niquette:

Scott, my issue is you going down there and singing with those people on the field trip.

Did you see the signs they were holding? I’m guessing that you saw the words you were reading off the sheet you were holding. Do you understand what the children were doing after they saw you down there singing? Scott there is video of you singing that hate Walker song.

When the kids were walking back up the hill they were chanting hate speech toward Walker until I stopped them and asked them why. The answer was obvious. Someone with influence in their lives was doing the same thing. You have influence on these children and they trust that you will lead them. For crying out loud Scott those signs were way inappropriate. Talking about molesting children and raping women.

In a show of Olympian chutzpah, Niquette pleaded ignorance in his response:

With respect to the Capitol Singers, I joined them during my lunch break simply because I enjoy singing. I am currently an active member in our church’s choir… I honestly did not see or notice any signs regarding molesting children or raping women when I entered the circle of singers. If I had, I can assure you that a most certainly would have immediately left. Again, I joined them simply because I enjoy singing. With respect to my teaching, I also take that very seriously and take great offense to accusations that I do not… You have visited my classroom on numerous occasions and sat in on a few lessons. What did you see and hear…I stick to the objectives and leave the politics out.

He couldn’t resist joining a group of Scott Walker haters in public but we’re supposed to trust he keeps politics out of the classroom? He didn’t see what the signs said? He was unclear of the lyrics he was singing off a sheet?


I reached out to Horizons principal Karen Brice. Initially she told me she hadn’t heard of the incident and frankly found it hard to believe. But she told me she would look into it. A few days later she called me back, saying only that school officials were investigating to determine whether district policy had been violated.

Then there is this classic line from Niquette in his email response to the parent:

In retrospect, however, I do think I will save singing with the Capitol Singers for a time when I am at the capitol of my own accord to better reduce any opportunities of misunderstanding.

Via: EAG News

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