20-year-old Jordan Bartels, of Allison Park, PA, an Amazon employee, and left-wing agitator was delivered to Pittsburg police on Monday by his parents. Bartels, who is accused of inciting a riot in Pittsburg, PA, while standing alongside protesters of the death of George Floyd, was living at home with his parents when people began to identify him on social media.

In footage that spread widely online, a man identified as Bartels, who faces charges of vandalism and rioting, wore a bandanna emblazoned with the symbol of the Animal Liberation Front, a leaderless international resistance movement that pushes for animal rights. In the footage, he raised his middle fingers to black protesters who begged him to stop. At Bartels’ home in a Pittsburgh suburb, officers found spray paint and firearms, according to an arrest warrant reviewed by The Washington Post.

Trib Live – Police received a tip late Saturday from an anonymous caller who said Bartels was a co-worker at Amazon, according to the complaint. The caller said they recognized Bartels’ image on the news and on social media, and that Bartels had said to the caller Saturday: “If I’m not at work tomorrow, ask the boss to give me paid time off.”

The caller told police Bartels later said he would be at work, according to the complaint.

Plainclothes detectives who had been among the protesters said Bartels’ photo matched the man they saw kick off the destruction of the cruiser.

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Detectives said the man they saw — a white man with black pants, a black hoodie, and black bandana — moved toward a backpack on the ground and produced a can of red or orange spray paint, according to the complaint. He began to spray the car, and the crowd cheered. Another man jumped onto the hood, and the man identified as Bartels began kicking the SUV and throwing things at it, breaking a window.

Pittsburgh police along with the FBI, Shaler police and the North Hills Special Response Team served a search warrant on Bartels’ Shaler home on Sunday afternoon. No one was home, and authorities forced their way inside.

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They seized books and other literature, though the criminal complaint did not specify the nature of the books; gloves; a silver iPhone; six cans of spray paint; a bag with “miscellaneous items”; and a sweatshirt with white writing.

Police said the black sweatshirt with white writing, which was found atop a dryer in the laundry room of the College Park Road home, matched the one Bartels was seen wearing during Saturday’s melee.

On Monday, a black SUV sat in the Bartels’ driveway. The lawn was overgrown, and the open mailbox revealed letters. Shattered glass was observed on the front-door entryway to their split-level home. The door’s stained-glass window had been damaged. No one answered the door.

A neighbor, who declined to offer her name because she was afraid of getting involved in the investigation, said she had interacted with the family over the five or so years they had lived there. She said she had not seen Bartels’ parents in about three weeks but saw Brian Bartels and his brother come and go.

The video below shows tough guy, Jordan Bartels bashing out the windows of a cop car while a black man pleads for him to stop.

The 20-year-old, violent, anarchist agitator, Jordan Bartels, was delivered to police by his parents yesterday.

Should authorities go easy on the young anarchist, or should he be treated as a domestic terrorist?

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