As a parent myself, my stomach would flip when a kid went to overnight camp.  Did we pack right, will they like their roommate…?  Well, the parents from a California School, Weaver Elementary in Los Alamitos, really got much more than they expected in answer to that last question… and it was not a happy surprise.  What they discovered was their school-sponsored three-day overnight science camp had allowed biological males, who identify as non-binary and use “they” and “them” as their pronouns, to be counselors at the camp located in San Bernadino.  These males were allowed to spend three nights sleeping in the same cabins as the FIFTH GRADE GIRLS. They also used the same restrooms.

The assistant director of Camp Pali, Emmi Teige, spoke with Red Voice Media and defended the practice of having men sleeping in young girls’ cabins at the camp, claiming that they’re only abiding by state law that compels them to do so. “Per California law, we place staff in cabins they identify with.”

A reporter with KTLA speaks to the parents about the situation.


Parents, of course, are angry because they did not know about this until their children returned.  They were never provided any information about the policy before the trip.   Parents got suspicious when their kids came come with questions about gender terms.  The parents called the school and asked them to confirm whether or not a man was actually sleeping with the girls in the cabins.  The school could not confirm, per the parents.

The parents now want an answer from the school board as to what is to be done.  They want all parents whose kids went on that trip informed of the situation.  They also want to be sure that such information is provided to the parents in advance of any such camp arrangement in the future. The school board said it is taking the situation seriously and is investigating.


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