When visiting conservative websites is the equivalent of visiting terrorist websites, the Left has officially won…

The UKIP is a conservative party founded in 1993 as the UK’s Independent party.It is also the largest UK party in the European Parliament. To give you a better idea of their “radical” views, we’ve copied part of their Manifesto from their website here:

If you believe that we are big enough to make our own laws, in our own parliament; if you believe we should have the sovereign right to control our own borders; if you believe that we should be fiscally responsible, and stop adding to our national debts and expecting our children and grandchildren to pay the bill, then we are the party for you.

A teenage boy was left ‘feeling like a terrorist’ after anti-extremism police questioned him for looking at Ukip’s website at school.

Here is a screen shot of the UKIP website:

website UKIP

Joe Taylor, 15, was reported to officers by teachers who also discovered he had looked at BBC footage of a march by the English Defence League.

Staff at Wildern School in Hedge End, Hampshire, acted on the Government’s counter-terror Prevent scheme that obliges schools to monitor children and report signs of extremism.

But the teenager’s family said the action left them ‘dumbfounded’.
His father Mick, 52, said neither he nor his son had been involved with the EDL and pointed out that Ukip was a mainstream political party.

He added: ‘We are turning into a police state and I am worried that everyone is being snooped on now. Ukip is being flagged as an extremist website, like Islamic State. But have they ever beheaded anyone?’ Via: UK Daily Mail


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