In Norway, the invaders are given priority over the Norwegian citizens. A 14-year old girl was brutally raped for 30 hours yet her  rapist was released with just community service. The parents of the children of Norway are taking extreme measures in protecting their children. Guards are now part of better measures to shield the kids from the ‘refugees’. 

Parents fears prompt new measures in Norway:
Extra security measures have been enforced by a city council in Norway after the announcement a transit centre for refugees in set to open nearby.

Scared parents insisted on better measures to keep their children safe after horror stories of girls being raped and abused by migrants across Europe have emerged.

The migrant centre will open just a few hundred meters from Lysaker School in Bærum.

At a public meeting parents said their community was under threat and security ‘compromised’ by the decision to place the centre near the school.

Bærum Council has promised to place asylum guards along a dark passage used by children to get to and from school, and they will be in place shortly.

A new migrant centre will be built near a school angering parents

‘This country is no longer safe’ says mum of Swedish woman killed…

School leader Susanne Kaaløy said: “I wouldn’t really call it security.

“It’s more like grownups being present to provide security for the children and parents.

“Basically [the project was launched] after parents raised their concerns.

“This is an initiative to show that we listened to the parents.”

The request for the guards comes as tensions are growing in Scandinavia between the locals and migrants.

In an attempt to calm growing discontent after the massive influx of migrants, Norway has started giving adult sex education classes.



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