The trend with parents of school children has been one of more focus and attention to what’s going on in the classroom. Several examples of parents withdrawing their children from a school that has adopted a leftist view have been highlighted recently. The latest one is a doozy:

Florida parents pledged $1.35 million to an exclusive Florida Catholic school. Great for the school, except the parents are now suing for fraud and breach of contract. They are accusing the school of abandoning a Catholic education for their two daughters. They say the school has gone far-left by forcing students to “check their white privilege” and want the school to stop calling itself a Catholic school.

Anthony and Barbara Scarpo filed a 13-count…45-page lawsuit against the Holy Names Academy in Tampa.

According to the lawsuit, the Scarpo family feels betrayed by the school for “embracing the new, politically correct, divisive and ‘woke’ culture where gender identity, human sexuality, and pregnancy termination among other ‘hot-button issues,’ took center stage.” The Scarpos also describe indoctrination of students saying the school “insidiously indoctrinated its students, requiring that they ‘check their white privilege’ and feel sufficiently guilty merely because of their skin color,” the lawsuit said.

According to the New York Post, they want the partial donation of $240k returned to them and want to rescind the pledge of a $1.35M donation. They also want the tuition they paid for their daughters to be returned and their names removed from “any public displays” at the school.

Of course, the school has hired a lawyer and claims none of the claims are true.

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