Leftist activists have used the death of George Floyd as an excuse to commit violence and vandalism against American homes and businesses, and have capitalized on the chaos created by looters, arsonists, anarchists, and rioters to enlist criminals willing to help them create cop-free autonomous zones and eradicate our nation’s history.

Almost daily, news of a statue, historical monument or a church being vandalized or destroyed in America is being reported. On Wednesday, vandals reached a new low when a flag pole holding a U.S. flag at a 911 Memorial park honoring the lives of five local firefighters who died in the 911 terror attack, was cut down. New York police have launched an investigation into the crime.


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Washingtonville, NY residents were shocked on Wednesday morning when they woke to discover the destruction to a memorial dedicated to five local firefighters who lost their lives during the terror attack on 911 in New York City.

A flag pole holding a U.S. flag at the memorial was severed about five feet from its base and the flag was toppled and left lying on the ground. A grafitti message was also scrawled on the memorial.

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Daily Mail reports – The memorial remembers New York City Fire Department firefighters Mark Whitford, Bobby Hamilton and Gerry Nevins, Batallion Chief Dennis Devlin, and Lt. Glenn Perry, who hailed from the local area and all died in the attacks on the World Trade Center.

Washingtonville Police Chief Brian Zaccaro said the vandals had used a tool to cut through the pole and detach it from its base.

No other parts of the memorial have been damaged.

Police also believe the same culprits are behind another spate of vandalism which also happened overnight Tuesday about half a mile away.

The sign to St. Mary’s Parish Center was toppled and damaged and an eagle figure that had been removed from the top of the memorial flagpole was left next to it.

It’s worth noting, how leftist radicals in America who are terrorizing our nation, are following the same pattern as Islamic terror groups like ISIS, who in their quest to erase history and eradicate Christianity in the Middle East, tore down historical statues and destroyed any symbol of Christianity. It’s also worth noting that Democrat leaders like Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), refuse to denounce the actions of radicals destroying our nation’s history and attacking symbols of Christianity.

When Nancy Pelosi was asked about the destruction of historical monuments and statues in America she replied by saying she doesn’t even have her grandmother’s earrings, suggesting that the history of the most incredible and free nation on earth is not worth preserving.

Make no mistake, by ignoring the violent and destructive behavior of the leftist activists, leaders of the Democratic Party are condoning it.

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