Parkland dad Andrew Pollack tweeted out a video and caption that is unbelievable! Basically, Sheriff Israel of Broward County makes the claim that diversity is to blame for the failure by the police force to stop the Parkland High School shooting. Diversity put Captain Jan Jordan in an unqualified position that she obviously couldn’t handle:

Captain Jan Jordan froze during the Parkland shooting.

Officers said she was in over her head.

Now Sheriff Israel admits Captain Jordan was recommended based on “diversity” NOT qualifications.

Her lack of leadership led to kids dying, all because they wanted diversity!

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Diversity kills! It should be the most qualified and NOT about diversity!

Sheriff Israel should have been fired long ago. The BCPP was turned into a politicized mess with this man who surrendered to diversity over the safety of the citizens he was supposed to protect.

Meadow Pollack might still be alive today if a qualified person had been picked over a so-called “diversity” pick.

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