The Broward County School Board announced on Tuesday that they were not going to be participating in a state program that allows school staff to be armed in case of a school shooting.

TheBlaze has more details on this development:

Florida’s newest school safety program — the Coach Aaron Feis Guardian Program — would allow certain teachers on district campuses to volunteer for an intensive law enforcement training program, which allow them to carry weapons while in school.

Broward County schools — including Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School — will not be among those districts utilizing the state-approved program.

Feis, who died trying to protect students, was one of 17 killed in February’s mass murder at Stoneman Douglas High School.

Instead of allowing the move, the school board wants to use the resources to hire more professionally trained law enforcement officers to guard Broward County schools.

In a news release, the school board said that “funding allocated for the Coach Aaron Feis Guardian Program should be redirected into the Safe Schools Allocation in order to provide additional funding for School Resource Officers.”

While it certainly a disagreeable decision to not allow teachers and other staff to exercise their Second Amendment rights and have the means to defend themselves and their students, at least the district is hiring more security personnel.

Many schools around the country have opted to take this step, trusting good guys with guns to protect the kids from bad guys with guns, a common sense measure that every learning institution in the country should put into practice.

Unfortunately, there are many schools and districts in America that are so deeply stacked with progressives who despise guns nothing is really being done to beef up security and safety for students.

Hopefully that will change without another incident happening first.

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