“When they go low…we go high.” – Michelle Obama famously used this quote to explain the difference between Democrats and Republicans at the DNC convention. Sadly, the Democrat Party has proven time and time again, that nothing could be further from the truth.

Television writer Jen Statsky tweeted Saturday the people who support President Trump should have their children taken away.


Yesterday’s tweet by the woman who writes for the Parks and Rec show as well as The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, was not the first time she ventured into the bowels of humanity to come up with a vile comment in order to satisfy her angry and vile base of leftist supporters. Here are a couple of examples, starting with the time she thought touring the country looking for fistfights with “people who voted for Trump” might be a “good use” of her time.


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To which, one of her fans replied with an image of a boxing glove lined with barbed wire. How very tolerant. This tweet only confirms what we already know, using violence to fight anyone who disagrees with them is one of the first tenants of being a Democrat:

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In this tweet, Statsky wishes cancer on Donald Trump, husband, father of 5 and grandfather to 9 grandchildren, and oh yeah, the man most of America chose as their leader.


Once again, Statsky’s classy followers didn’t disappoint with their responses:


In this tweet, Statsky suggests that “if you voted for Trump, you should drink bleach”.


This classy fan suggests Trump supporters could follow up the bleach with a “draino chaser”. For anyone who didn’t catch it, Drano is spelled incorrectly, but we’re pretty sure you already knew anyone who would respond in such a manner isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer anyhow.

And one last ignorant response from the guy who uses the disgraced pedophile Democrat Anthony Weiner as his profile pic, who just wants to clarify that Statsky is, in fact, wanting “us” “to put bleach in their drinks for them, right?” He goes on to call it what it is, “poison terrorism” suggesting they could poison Trump supporters at “those fly-over Old Country Buffets.  One has to wonder  if this guy shouldn’t be getting a visit from law enforcement:


h/t Daily Caller


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