On October 4th, Southwest Airlines announced they will require employees to get the COVID vaccine. The Dallas-based carrier said employees will have until Dec. 8 to provide proof of vaccination or face the possibility of losing their jobs.

Flash forward and hundreds of pilots are staging a ‘sickout’ protest. Hundreds of flights have been canceled. Southwest is saying their system is having problems and even blamed the cancelations on the weather even though the weather map looks clear as a bell (see below). The media blackout of this huge disruption is disturbing. Why not tell people the truth?

Leland Vittert of Fox News tweeted:

Air traffic controllers in Jacksonville, FL staged a walkout protesting the COVID mandate:

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Twitter is on fire with angry customers who looked at the weather map and are calling out Southwest:

When hundreds of pilots and air traffic controllers don’t come to work, it’s a safe bet that the flights were canceled due to a lack of pilots to fly planes and air traffic controllers to direct planes.

Passengers are furious and letting Southwest have it:

-Bull. Your own employees working at the gate in the airport told everyone standing there that cancellation was due to employee protest of the vaccine mandate.

-This is absolutely horrible! Your lack of compassion & resolution is appalling! My sister has been left stranded in Atlanta while traveling en route to my Wedding scheduled for tomorrow . I am now driving round trip from FL to ATL on the EVE of my wedding!!

-Keep lying when your staff at Midway specifically told us it was because the Pilots went on strike, because of your vaccine mandate. Now we missed a wedding and out luggage is stuck at midway with mine and my wife’s medication.

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