Pat Sajak is known for being a co-host  of The Wheel of Fortune but he’s also known for his snarky tweets directed at the left.

Yes, Pat Sajak is a conservative!

Sajak just slammed the Academy Awards with a brilliant and snarky suggestion on how they can improve their ratings. The ratings for the awards shows have been tanking every year. Could it be because the shows are becoming way too political in a negative way? It’s a big part of the reason why these shows are dying. Who wants to watch Hollywood elites slam our president? Last year was no exception…Jimmy Kimmel trashed President Trump and VP Pence (see below).

Sajak tweeted:

Here’s a quick fix for the Academy Awards show: expand it to two nights. On the first night, give out awards, and celebrate the history and wonder of movies. On the second night, hold your political rally.

Sajak deserves a standing ovation for this tweet!

The OSCARS might want to take notice of Sajak’s tweet. Tone down the political comments!

Sajak’s latest tweets are below. If you’re on Twitter, he’s one to follow!


Oscar host Jimmy Kimmel couldn’t help himself…He gave a monologue full of political slams and support for the cause de jour. The Me Too cause was one of the prominent ones Kimmel mentioned.He also mentioned the anti-gun protest on March 24th by the Parkland High School students. Too bad the 90th Oscar Awards show didn’t choose to exclude politics and protests from the evening. It’s expected now…too bad. Hollywood doesn’t realize that Americans want the show to be exactly what they seek when they go to the movies….A chance to be entertained. They’re so out of touch with the very audience they want to sell tickets to.

Kimmel took a swipe at VP Pence:

Kimmel: “We need to set an example…”

Parkland protest on March 24th…


Kimmel continued…


Who wants to watch this?

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