Obama’s America…unreal! I know they’re doing the best they can  but…ARM OUR SOLDIERS! 

In light of the Chattanooga shootings, the Manchester Police Department and the city volunteered to line the interior of their Army recruiting center with dozens of sandbags. The sandbags could possibly absorb ammunition in the event of another attack. Assistant Police Chief Adam Floied said the police department protects everyone in their community including their servicemen and women. “I’m glad they thought of it. I really am,” shopping center employee Amber Little said. Floied said 15 volunteers with the city and police department spent Wednesday morning piling pounds of sand.


“There were no questions. This was automatic — a no brainier. We had an opportunity to help, and we did it,” Floied said. Lieutenant Colonel Tony Parilli said this started as a discussion among Army recruiters and leaders. “I want them to feel empowered and as part of their mission to take care of each other,” Parilli said. Unlike before, now a domestic job in uniform could be dangerous. “When you’re deployed you’re in an environment where you expect that. When you’re at home — obviously, you don’t expect that,” Parilli said. Little would like to see more. “These guys can’t be armed, and to me, personally, they’re the most qualified to be armed yet they can’t be,” Little said.

Via: FOX17


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