As the Biden administration continues to face criticism for its delayed response to the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio that released toxic chemicals into the air and possibly into the Ohio River, where tens of millions of people draw water, Biden had an embarrassing interview with ABC News where he admitted that he could not ‘recall’ if he’s spoken to the Mayor of East Palestine.

The interview came as Biden has been attacked by Republicans and some Democrats for visiting Ukraine but not committing to visiting East Palestine.

The Biden administration has instead spent the last few weeks trying to play the blame game and said that President Trump was at fault for the derailment because he shot down a safety regulation that would have forced some trains to upgrade their brakes.

The Chair of the National Transportation Safety Board publicly debunked the Biden administration on Twitter, saying that the proposed regulation wouldn’t have applied to the Norfolk Southern train that derailed in East Palestine.

Breitbart Reports

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During a portion of an interview aired on Friday’s edition of ABC’s “World News Tonight,” President Joe Biden stated that he “can’t recall” if he’s talked to the mayor of East Palestine, Ohio and doesn’t think he has, but he’s “talked to everyone there is to talk to,” and responded to questioning on whether he has any plans to visit by stating that he’s “made it clear that everything is available.”

Host David Muir asked, “It’s been three weeks now since the toxic train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, as you know. The mayor says he saw you in Ukraine and he says, it tells you he doesn’t care about us. They’re asking, is the President coming to Ohio? Do you have any plan to travel to Ohio, and have you talked with the mayor yet?”

Biden answered, “Let’s put this in perspective, within two hours of that derailment, the EPA was in there, within two hours.

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