Patriots are not going to be told what they must or must not put into their own bodies for the “privilege” of dining out.

Restaurant owners that go along with the communist dictates of their Democrat overlords, denying entrance to the unvaccinated, are going to get burned by the heat of their own foolish decisions. And they deserve to.

It’s non-sensical that a business would get involved in politics. Their focus should be on improving their brand and enticing others to give them a try, and perhaps that’s still the case in sane societies.

Many restaurants that would’ve closed due to the pandemic, were kept on life support by the patronage of loyal customers. Now some of those same restaurants are turning their backs on the people that had their backs throughout the Covid chaos. Patriots are not amused and are not going to bend over and take it either.

In a post that’s sure to go viral, one gentleman suggests that the way to deal with restaurants that require vaccine passports is to gather and share information on the establishments that are doing it.

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And then in large numbers start calling those restaurants, start making reservations for big groups at random times throughout the week.

He says, then minutes before your reserved time, call the establishment and say, “ah you know what,  one of us doesn’t have a vaccine passport or one of us can’t find his vaccine passport. We’re just going to have to f**king cancel.

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Watch (language warning):

After explaining the game plan, interlaced with a smattering of F-Bombs for emphasis, the gentleman ends his rant with, “have a good night everyone, God bless.” Whats’s not to love about patriots? God Bless Indeed.

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