Last week, Michigan’s overreaching Democrat Governor addressed Michiganders in yet another condescending press conference, reminding them that although they may not realize it, she knows what’s best for them. Governor Gretchen Whitmer discouraged Michigan residents from celebrating Christmas with friends, family, and members of their community

“My directive to the citizens of Michigan has nothing to do with how many COVID cases there are,” she explained, “No matter what we show in the next 12 days, I am discouraging people from gathering for Christmas,” she told them. “If our numbers come down in a good amount, it still doesn’t mean that COVID is gone at Christmas,” she added, telling them to only celebrate Christmas with the people with whom you live. “Let’s hunker down for the next few weeks and months,” she told them.

A group of grassroots conservatives are having none of Whitmer’s lockdown nonsense. They plan to celebrate Christmas the way it’s been celebrated for centuries, with our without her blessing.

A united group of Michigan Grassroots Patriot Leaders are hosting the BIGGEST Christmas event. . . possibly ever!

Michigan has had a really rough year under the rule of a tyrannical Governor and her overreaching government agencies who continue to suppress freedom, harass, and threaten Michiganders who choose to practice their God-given freedoms.

The Gretch and her tyrannical Health and Human Services have canceled Christmas gatherings and events, shut down restaurant dining, theaters, bowling alleys, rinks, and more. They force mask mandates and turn communities against each other. They continue to ruin the already wounded economy and lives of Michigan, and there is no sign of this tyranny letting up. But one thing they cannot take away is our spirit, and they certainly will not ruin the Spirit of Christmas! So we are taking Christmas back!

Please join us on Dec 23rd (4 pm-7 pm) at the Michigan State Capitol as we Take Back Christmas!

The family-friendly event is an opportunity for Michigan to stand together and share in Christmas Cheer. This is a chance for the whole state to come together and find unity, healing, and hope. Because HOPE is what Christmas is all about.



•Live Nativity

•Community Outreach and Giving

•Hot Chocolate

•and a SPECTACULAR Michigan Christmas Light Parade!

***We are also collecting for the Homeless and Grand Rapids Home for Veterans, so please consider a donation to drop off at the donation trucks and tents.

Do not miss out on a night that will go down in Michigan history as the night when The People took Christmas back!

When The Gretch Stole Christmas…The PEOPLE Took it Back! Christmas Extravaganza!

December 23rd, 4 pm-7 pm at the Michigan State Capitol.

Attendance is free, but we gladly accept donations. All proceeds go towards expenses for this and any future events that will help make Michigan Great Again. Thank you for your support!

We can’t wait to see you all there as we celebrate freedom, unity, HOPE, and the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.


Brought to you by MI PATRIOT HUB, a group of Grassroots Leaders from across Michigan

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