The BRILLIANT Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars explains why this tragedy IS connected to the violent Black Lives Matter movement. He also takes on the Left’s obsession with making sure this tragedy doesn’t affect their “good” name: 

Gizmodo is one of the publications Watson calls out in his video above:
Gizmodo is a publication that claims to be about “the future” with emphasis on “tech, science, and culture for tomorrow.” But for some strange reason, they have decided to inject themselves into the story about the brutal kidnapping, and 2-day torture spree of an 18 year old mentally disabled young man from a Chicago suburb, at the hands of 4 black thugs who live streamed his torture on Facebook. Gizmodo doesn’t talk about how beneficial it may have been if this poor disabled young man was wearing some sort of device that could have alerted his parents or the proper authorities that he was in trouble, as one might expect when reading a tech article. Instead, Bryan Menages, the author of: “Alt-Right Trolls Use Chicago Kidnapping to Spread Lies About Black Lives Matter [Update]” worries about the “alt-right” affecting the “good name” of the violent Black Lives Matter movement.

Is anyone even slightly bothered or concerned about the tantrums and rants by specialized cable shows like ESPN, or Tech publications like Gizmodo over conservative viewpoints? Do they really have no business injecting their political views on their audiences? Do their audiences really care about their political positions?


For crying out loud, this story should rock every human being to the core, but that’s not how the Left sees it. Instead of focusing on the nightmare this young man endured at the hands of 4 racist, hateful thugs who have been emboldened by a movement inspired by our current President, they obsess over the damage Black Lives Matter may endure over bad press by conservatives who brought this story to light on Twitter.

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Here is Gizmodo’s contribution to the story of this poor mentally disabled young man:

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Here is a screen shot of a recent article by “The Chicagoist,” who Watson also calls out in his video above. The author of this article tries to convince readers the #BLMKidnapping trend on Twitter only made what happened to this young man worse. Huh?



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