Conservative social media genius Paul Joseph Watson has been a huge supporter of Donald Trump. He had an enormous amount of influence on Twitter users who were on the fence about Trump. Watson went hard against, and exposed many of the #NeverTrumpers in the media. He was relentless in his pursuit to take down Hillary and expose her as the corrupt human being that she is. But does being a Trump fan mean you’re never allowed to voice an opinion or concern you may have about an action he’s taken that you don’t agree with? After all, he’s not Jesus…he’s Donald J. Trump, and he’s going to make mistakes. True conservative voices like Paul Joseph Watson, who has consistently been one of Trump’s biggest supporters has every right to question his decision. Watson was not only critic when it came to the missile strike on Syria, but he is the only one who actually made a video explaining his position. You don’t have to agree with Watson, but watch his video and tell us in the comment section below how you feel about Trump’s missile strike on Syria’s airbase.

Watson argues that half of Trumps advisors are CFR globalists and that he has NOT yet drained the swamp.Watson also claims the airbase that was bombed was actually protected a nearby Christian town from being overrun by jihadists. He claims that that town will now be taken over by jihadists, and that the air strike on the air base only cleared the way from them to move in and take over.

Watson also questions why Assad would have used chemicals to attack his own people when it would be completely self-defeating?  Less than one week ago, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said a regime change in Syria was “off the table”. Now Tillerson is saying regime change is back on the table. Why would Assad put himself in this position he asks? Watson believes there is a real chance that Trump has been surrounded and manipulated by neocons in the “deep state”.

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