Ha! PBS had a live feed on Facebook for the “Democratic Woman of the Year Award” but it didn’t go as planned because the comments were overwhelmingly negative. PBS finally announced they were shutting down the live feed on Facebook and moving it over to YouTube where they conveniently disabled comments. LOL!

Comments below the PBS announcement on Facebook were 99% against PBS airing anything to do with Hillary Clinton. To put it mildly, people were ticked off that PBS was airing this on their Facebook live feed:

The comments from the  Facebook newsfeed are priceless…some of the best we’ve ever read. Check out the screen shot below the video of Hillary yammering on and you’ll see just how ticked off people were about Hillary: Brutal!

WATCH LIVE: Hillary Clinton receives “Democratic Woman of the Year Award” from the Women’s National Democratic Club in recognition of her contributions to American politics and work as an inspiration for women.

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The video below is gag-worthy:


A screen shot from the live feed on Facebook shows how people REALLY feel about Hillary:

Deborah Roberts Burt (last comment on the screen shot) gets the sheeple of the year award for her comment that any female is just fine with her….How dumb can you be? Identity politics is what got us Obama!

YouTube covered the video but disabled the comments. The only thing they left was the thumbs up or thumbs down choice that was overwhelmingly thumbs down when we first saw it:


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