The White House Coronavirus Task Force press conference today was the usual biased activist reporters doing everything they can to trash President Trump. One familiar face is PBS political hack Yamiche Alcindor who has repeatedly gotten into browbeating sessions with President Trump.

Alcindor wants to have it both ways when it comes to blaming President Trump.  According to Alcindor, Trump is simultaneously a fascist racist for the hotspot travel moratorium and is also at fault for downplaying the severity of the virus because he doesn’t wear a mask.

One day he did too much, too early, and the next day he did too little, too late…

The leftist activist reporters can’t stop themselves from turning everything into a political discussion because they pepper the president with statement-like questions to send a political message and NOT to gather any new information.

Here is Yamiche Alcindor’s ridiculous question/statement:

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“I interviewed someone who said their family got sick, they went to a funeral in March, & they said mainly because the president wasn’t taking it seriously, that if the president had a mask on, if he was saying that we should stay home, we would’ve stayed home.”

“A man said his entire family got sick because they listened to you and didn’t stay home. Are you concerned that downplaying the virus got people sick?”

He is too kind to Alcindor in his exchange.

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