Just another day in the holy month of Ramadan…

London is the scene of carnage again with another terror attack. A van plowed into pedestrians on London Bridge with reports of men jumping out of the van to stab random people. We’re posting details as they come in from the UK. The Muslim Mayor of London is too busy criticizing President Trump for taking measures to ensure the United States is not subjected to never-ending acts of terrorism to actually identify and work to solve the radical Muslim issue that is exploding in the UK.

Meanwhile, President Trump has offered the help of the United States to the citizens of London and of the UK:

Popular conservative talk show host Katie Hopkins thanks President Trump for taking the issue of Islamic terrorism seriously while hammering the Muslim Mayor of London:



3 ARMED terrorists are reportedly on the run in gun-free London:

Talk show host Katie Hopkins tells British citizens stop being complacent, “DEMAND ACTION!”


Hopkins goes on to slam Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan who has been very vocal in his criticism of President Trump for wanted to do a better job of vetting refugees coming to America from terror hotbed nations: 


Katie Hopkins is furious….demands Britain gets a handle their radical Muslim issue:


UPDATE: One suspect has been apprehended:


Meanwhile…Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May calls this a “potential act of terror!”



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