If an angry mob of leftists surrounds your car and jumps in front of it, and the people outside may possibly put your life at risk, what should the driver do? Should they sit in their vehicle and wait until a brick or a skateboard is used to smash out the windows of the vehicle, or should they try to drive away?

Mobs of leftists surrounding vehicles while kicking in their doors and jumping on the hood are common tactics used to intimidate the driver and others into accepting their viewpoints. It never works, but they do it anyway because making people feel afraid or intimidated by mobs that significantly outnumber them, just makes them feel good.

Tonight in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, a mob descended on a pickup truck. Two dingbats stood defiantly in front of the truck and pushed back on the truck. Much to their surprise, the driver wasn’t interested in playing their stupid games and began to accelerate. The mob, of course, was stunned when the driver began to drive forward. The two dumb as rocks women attempted to push back on the moving truck, but the driver kept going.


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The “reporter” who called the incident “terrifying,” claims the woman’s foot was run over.

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Senator Josh Hawley blasted Joe Biden and AG Merrick Garland on Tucker Carlson’s show tonight for not doing anything to stop the ILLEGAL protests in front of the homes of Supreme Court Justices. “They have had literally months to tell Biden supporters, ‘Don’t break the law!” Hawley said.

“This “Night of Rage,’ which the Justice Department has known about for weeks noe as a possibility. If it gets out of hand, it’s because of Joe Biden and Merrick Garland. They didn’t tell Biden supporters to stand down when they should have, so it’s on them!”

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