Peggy Hubbard is never one to mince words. She lets the black community, celebrities and more specifically, black activists have it for their misplaced priorities and silence about “all the dead children”. In her very emotional video, Peggy asks: “Where is Al Sharpton? Where is Jesse Jackson? We’re blocking administrators from going into our schools to help us achieve the impossible, get education for our children. Instead, we block their way! We are burying our children! We are killing ourselves. And it shouldn’t be this way! We should not be burying out children! What is wrong with us black people? What is wrong with us? We protest Black Lives Matter. We say all of this, ‘Black Lives Matter,’ but yet, we say nothing about the black children that are being lost in our communities. We say nothing about them, but we wanna holler, ‘police brutality!’ We are the brutal people We are the brutal race of people. Where is your outrage? Where is your anger? Where is it? You wanna protest Trump Towers and moon a building, when we are putting children into the ground!  I am ashamed of my race. I am ashamed of my people, that they sit back in silence and say nothing about all the dead children. What have we become? Was this Dr. King’s dream for us? Is this what he died for? Is this his legacy?”

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