Peggy Noonan probably made her last appearance on Meet the Press this morning because she got to the heart of the reason why the news on Hunter Biden is so damaging to his father. It’s so rare that a Sunday pundit tells the brutal truth, and this was one of those times.

It’s becoming clear that American politicians have used their elected office to enrich their children in deals. Joe Biden is just the latest who has been caught red-handed, but how many more are doing the same thing? This is NOT a partisan problem because you can bet there are Republicans who have done the same thing. That’s why term limits and a 10-year moratorium on lobbying would help stop the influence-peddling for money that has been uncovered overseas. This should be something ALL Americans care about because of the corruption and the use of taxpayer dollars.

Peggy Noonan below on the Hunter Biden situation:

Noonan responded to Democratic Pollster Cornell Belcher by saying Biden had been caught on the back of his heels for the past two weeks. She added that Biden isn’t sure how to deal with the scandal involving his son.

“I don’t think this is merely a muddy-the-waters story…This is a story that at least half the American people understand…the Hunter Biden story. As a story of the swamp…the elite, buddy “buddy-ism” using your family influence to do well in life. The American people don’t like it. They have never liked it.”

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The bottom line is that the American people are seeing that President Trump is exposing the corruption by our politicians, and they love it!

Who wants to pay taxes just to see the money used to line the pockets of the politicians or their children?


In the meantime…Where is Hunter Biden?

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