Joy Reid shows a far left ad from radical liberal Tom Steyer at the beginning of her interview with Nancy Pelosi and all Pelosi says about it is “great”. The man just lied about President Trump and called for his impeachment! All Pelosi can say is great? She goes on to dance around the topic of impeachment. When Reid brings up Mueller, Pelosi calls him ‘mother’…

Reid then asked Pelosi: “If you become Speaker of the House in January 2019, will you push for the impeachment of this president?”


Pelosi responded: “You know, I’ve served a long time on the intel…ethics committee in the Congress. It’s one of the dues that I’ve paid to the caucus and it’s only about the facts and the law. If he’s broken the law, you would think there would be a bipartisan move to do that. But because we don’t like his policy and we don’t like his attitude well, don’t let me go into all the things we don’t like about the president on a Sunday morning. Uh, uh, that’s, you know, if people have the facts— that’s why I would like us to have an independent, uh, commission. We have an investigation within the Justice Department. We have an investigation within the Congress. We should have an outside investigation to what, as to what happened.”

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Reid shot back trying to bait Pelosi: “If Robert Mueller comes back with a report saying that there is evidence of collusion between Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia, do you believe he should be impeached?”

Pelosi tried again to dance around the question. She stuttered her way through, then called Mueller ‘mother’.

Pelosi ended this bizarre interview with a claim that Trump’s proposed tax cut is “Armageddon”…Wow!

If Pelosi continues to show up for interviews unable to form complete thoughts, how can the Democrats keep her as leader? This is embarrassing for the Dems but great for Republicans.


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