Who’s responsible for the partial government shutdown? The media keeps pointing the finger at President Trump but it’s becoming more and more obvious to the American people that the Democrats are the problem here.

Exhibit A is the video below where Pelosi giggles and is unserious about discussing any negotiations with Republicans.


The strange exchange between reporters and Nancy Pelosi ended with the comment, “I’m not for a wall”.

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Pelosi was also seen yesterday at Reagan International Airport catching a commercial flight out of D.C:

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Pelosi probably flipped out when the acting Office of Management and Budget Director sent a letter to all Cabinet members that NO “government owned, rented, leased, or chartered aircraft” can transport any Congressional delegation, “without the express written approval of the White House Chief of Staff” during the gov’t shutdown.

President Trump questioned the reason for travel at a time like this:


While Nancy escapes D.C., our president is honoring those who’ve lost their lives in service to America:


President Trump will be making an announcement about border security today. He’s in D.C. working and trying to get a deal done.

The American people deserve better than Democrats like Pelosi who is behaving like a stubborn child.

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