Leftist terrorists and Marxist thugs have looted businesses and destroyed property in cities across the US for nearly two months now. Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf blasted Democrats and Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Sunday Morning Futures this morning.

Instead of condemning the leftist rioting and violence Speaker Pelosi blamed law enforcement and compared federal agents to Nazi stormtroopers, as reported by Gateway Pundit.

Democrats are siding with the rioters who are destroying this country. And now they’re comparing federal agents to Nazis.

The violent riots show no signs of slowing as the city of Portland continues to face ANTIFA terrorists night after night. From throwing water bottles and bricks to pointing lasers at federal officers and attempting to cut fences into the federal courthouse with powered saws, ANTIFA terrorists have turned the city into a living hell – a scene from a war-zone. Graffiti on the county courthouse shows, “Until the police and ICE are abolished, we will burn this city down piece by piece.”

On Sunday, DHS Secretary Chad Wolf told Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures that Speaker Pelosi needs to apologize to federal agents.


DHS Secretary Chad Wolf: The comment from Speaker Pelosi that our law enforcement officers, civil law enforcement officers are stormtroopers, or the Gestapo, or thugs is absolutely irresponsible. It’s dangerous and she should immediately apologize for that.

Watch Wolf BLAST Pelosi’s Despicable Remarks:

Protesters then gathered outside Sec. Wolf’s home chanting “Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? We’re not afraid of the big bad wolf!” GET A LIFE!

Despite President Trump’s deployment of federal officers to Portland among other major US cities, violent protests persist. When will the madness stop? When will these ANTIFA terrorists be brought to justice?

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