Since Donald Trump became president, Democrats have used nothing but incendiary defamatory and incisive language to describe him and his supporters. Republicans largely just accepted this abuse because they believe in freedom of speech.

But, progressives seem to turn all their vile words into action without any inhibitions.

In 2020, Pelosi’s incendiary words–along with many of her colleagues for years under the Donald Trump presidency–helped foment and legitimize a national irrational anti-Trump psychosis that incited the perpetual violent insurrection across the country.  The leftist insurrection wasn’t a few hours on a single day at the capitol building with a handful of actually violent protesters on January 6th.

Instead, the leftist insurrection manifested as violent riots across America for 7 months straight.  These riots caused over $2 billion dollars in damages–including to many government buildings, dozens of deaths, inconceivable rises in violent crimes and homicides, and destruction of at least 60% of all small businesses.  And, it seems to have been egged on by leftist pundits and politicians who supported it with language like Nancy Pelosi’s.

In a 2018 speech regarding a policy proposal she didn’t like, Ms. Pelosi stated:

 “I just don’t even know why there aren’t uprisings all over the country. And maybe there will be…”

Was that a threat to America, Ms. Pelosi?  Did you know something at the time about the ‘unrest’ that was in store for 2020?



Now, Louie Gohmert, a republican, quoted Ms. Pelosi to highlight her incendiary language in order to highlight her hypocrisy and part in the psychosis of the left since Donald Trump took office.  For this crime of quoting Nancy Pelosi, Gohmert is being accused of insurrectionfor merely quoting Nancy Pelosi to prove her hypocrisy. 


Here is the quote from Gohmert:

“Here’s a quote. ‘I just don’t even know why there aren’t more uprisings all over the country, and maybe there will be,’” Gohmert said on the House floor during the impeachment debate. 


The modern left are duplicitous hucksters.  They can never win a rhetorical battle of logic or morality, so they dismantle the entire language itself, turn everything on its head, and project their crimes onto their opponents.  In this way, no one can make sense of anything, and someone else is always left holding the bags of blame for them.

When this happens, debate becomes fruitless. The left is not an honest or authentic opponent; they seek to control you and mold you and all of society to fit their capricious desires for power, control, and change.  They have no use for a debate except to slow walk you to their ends.  And they will say anything they feel is necessary to meet to ends.


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