Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was asked to share her thoughts on the statue of Christopher Columbus being torn down by radical activists. Pelosi responded, “Well, I’m not—I mean—I’m not a big—-I don’t even have my grandmother’s earrings.”

So, a statue of the man who discovered America is the equivalent of Nancy Pelosi’s grandma’s earrings—got it.

Pelosi added, “I’m not a big—um—ya know—let’s see what we have in terms of monuments and such,” adding, “I’m more interested in what they’ve accomplished.”


A babbling Pelosi further clouded the issue as she attempted to explain her first incoherent statement, “I think that it’s very important that we take down any of the statues of people that have committed treason against the United States of America.”As those statues exist in the halls of Congress, but in the rotunda. Not the rotunda I don’t think —but in the statuary hall.

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Pelosi did her best to diminish the importance of statues and monuments that serve as an important record of or our history, “But I’m not one of those people that’s wedded to—those, oh, a statue to somebody someplace is an important thing.”

The Democrat Speaker attempted to explain how she shares the same Italian heritage with Christopher Columbus and how that somehow gives more weight to the argument when she says she couldn’t care less about his statues being ripped down. “It doesn’t diminish my pride or my Italian-American heritage and that the fact it was a country discovered by an Italian named for an Italian so I have that pride,” Pelosi told the media.

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Nancy flippantly ended her response by saying she doesn’t “care much about statues.”

Nancy Pelosi is 80 years old. She is currently serving her 17th term in office. Despite the horrible condition of her district, where homelessness and feces on the streets and sidewalks are a common occurrence, California residents continue to elect her to represent them, and the Democrat Party continues to choose her as the fearless leader of their party.

At some point, Americans need to start questioning the sanity of the people who are electing these people to lead our nation.

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