Nancy Pelosi won’t answer about her plans to bring a bill protecting the Supreme Court Justices’ Families to the House for a vote… Why?

As the Department of Homeland Security prepares for protests over the overturning of Roe v Wade to turn violent, now more than ever Supreme Court Justices and their families are in danger. A bill which passed through the Senate unanimously would expand the protection of the SCOTUS Justices and their families, however it first must pass through the House.

Unfortunately, Pelosi won’t even say if she plans to bring the bill to the table for a vote, despite fifty congressmen writing to her urging her to do so.

As she is asked repeatedly what her plans are regarding the bill, each time she dodges the question saying that the need for protection is dependent on the threat level, which is up to law enforcement.

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In other words, it does not sound like she is in favor of the bill. Let’s ask ourselves why that would be.

A leak from within the Supreme Court sparked these protests. The White House’s official stance on the protests outside of the Justices’ homes was that they were indifferent. It took a week or so for US Marshals to be deployed by the Justice Department. And now, Pelosi refuses to table a bill which passed through the Senate unanimously and which would grant the Justices much needed protection.

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With all of this information, it seems apparent that there may be a liberal plot to keep Roe by any means necessary. Even if that includes the intimidation of Justices and perhaps even allowing violence to occur from protestors. Anything to get their way, as always with the radical left Democrats.

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