We don’t understand why an anti-American student who threatened a young woman’s still studying at Penn State and even got protection when HE MADE THREATS. Something is not right when the person who threatens gets no punishment and then gets protection on campus. The Penn State twitter account was bombarded with angry alumni who didn’t agree with how the university handled this:


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A Kuwaiti exchange student has apologized for anti-American comments that sparked social media outrage and a campus police investigation.

The comments were made by Pennsylvania State University student Hussein Altarakmah on Nov. 1 in private messages to Laura Loomer, a right-wing journalist and former Project Veritas operative.

Altarakmah said he made the comments to Loomer because “I hate Laura,” and he “wanted to freak her out.” He said he now regrets what he said.

The comments appear to be reacting to Loomer’s anti-Islam tweets after the October terror attack in Manhattan.

“Leave it to Muslims to ruin everything. People can’t even enjoy #Halloween without those savages f**king everything up for everyone,” she tweeted Oct. 31.

In screenshots shared by Loomer, Altarakmah wrote, “Get the f**k out of my country you disgusting subhuman piece of garbage, death to America.”

“Not all Yanks are bad of course, here are some good ones,” he wrote, including a caskets of dead American troops.

“Can’t wait for Trump to permanently cripple your country, 9/11 didn’t kill enough of you f**kers,” Altarakmah stated. “Hope Iran nukes your country.”

Loomer went on to tweet pictures of Altarakmah’s comments with the caption, “These are the pro-Islamic terror comments made by Hussein Altarakmah, one of @penn_state‘s Islamic exchange students. Your tax payer $ are paying for this dangerous anti-American student to endanger your children here in the US. Why is PSU REFUSING to address this?”

The Penn State Police Department was quick to react to the comments, tweeting, “We are aware of concerns over some recent controversial comments by a student. We take the safety of our campus community very seriously. This has been investigated jointly by PSU PD and federal authorities, and there are no threats to our campus at this time.”

Penn State echoed the police department in a tweet on Dec. 7, writing, “FYI – Penn State Police statement in regards to controversial comments last month between a student and a public media figure. The University responded immediately at the time of the incident and is not going to comment further. Any faculty or student matters are confidential.”

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