In May, Pennsylvania Republican Senator Doug Mastriano defeated 9 candidates to win the GOP nomination to become the Republican Party voter’s pick for their state’s next governor.

The popular Desert Storm veteran and current state senator angered never-Trump Republicans in his state when he gave PA poll workers, citizens who witnessed voter fraud, and witnesses who provided expert testimony related to voter fraud in the 2020 election the opportunity to have their claims heard in front of members of the PA Senate.

Senator Doug Mastriano

In what can only be described as a group of petty Never-Trumpers on steroids, a group of RINOs in Pennsylvania has decided to form a super PAC to help fund the campaign of pro-Trump Doug Mastriano’s Democrat opponent, Attorney General Josh Shapiro. The group of disgruntled “Republicans” calls themselves “Never Mastrianos.”

Democrat AG Josh Shapiro

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports – Republicans for Shapiro will be chaired by former U.S. Rep. Jim Greenwood, a Bucks County Republican who in 2020 organized a similar effort to oppose then-President Donald Trump’s bid for a second term.

That comes as Shapiro is expected to announce Wednesday a “first wave of Republican endorsements,” including Greenwood.

Greenwood said he does not know Shapiro but has heard he is “a very bright, very thoughtful, mainstream man of good character.” He is hosting a fund-raiser for Shapiro in September and noted he raised $2 million in 2020 in a virtual fund-raiser for President Joe Biden.

PA State Rep. Jim Greenwood

The Hill reports – The Pennsylvania Republicans supporting Shapiro are Morgan Boyd, the sitting chairman of the Lawrence County Board of Commissioners, and eight former GOP officials: former Rep. Charlie Dent, former state Rep. Jim Greenwood, former state Supreme Court Justice Sandra Schultz Newman, former state House Speaker Denny O’Brien, former state Reps. Dave Steil and Lita Cohen, former Lieutenant Gov. Robert Jubelirer, and former Montgomery County GOP Chairman Ken Davis.

Craig Snyder, a former chief of staff to the late U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter, will run the political operation for Republicans for Shapiro. He said the group will reach out to Republicans who share concerns about Democratic politics and policies and might be caught up in a “red wave” of party enthusiasm during the midterm elections.

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