When used effectively, mockery, especially the kind found online in the form of hilariously gut-busting memes, can be a strong force for good in the world that can make positive change a reality.

A good case in point is the Blue Mountain School District in Pennsylvania.

The superintendent of the district recently commented on measures they are taking to help protect students in the event of an active shooter on campus, noting that they were going to supply students and teachers with, and this is not a joke, “buckets of rocks.”

Well, after catching an endless amount of grief online for this ridiculous statement, they’ve decided to beef up their security with armed guards.

NBC News is reporting:

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A rural school district in Pennsylvania that has armed teachers and students with rocks to ward off potential school shooters has arranged for additional armed security in its buildings.

Blue Mountain School District Superintendent David Helsel said in a statement posted on the district’s website there will be extra security starting Monday and “into the near future.”

Helsel says media attention over the district’s planned response to school shooters “has increased our concern regarding the possibility that something may happen,” and says the district will continue to evaluate the situation moving forward.

Last week, Helsel said every classroom in the district about 90 miles northwest of Philadelphia has a 5-gallon bucket of river stones as a last resort should an armed intruder burst in.

Putting armed guards in schools is a common sense solution that provides kids with extra protection while not violating anyone’s Second Amendment rights the way that gun control laws do.

Better yet, the more security, the less likely a crazed lunatic with a gun will slip in and put the kids in harm’s way. These folks are professionals who are highly trained, skilled marksmen, so what better hands could a child be in?

The idea of giving kids and teachers rocks to go toe-to-toe with an armed gunman is beyond ridiculous and is setting these poor folks up for a whole world of hurt that could end up costing them their lives.

Hopefully schools will start to follow suit and place armed guards in their buildings to help prevent another Parkland incident from happening again.

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