Shortly after President Trump was elected as the 45th President of the United States, Penzey’s Spice Company founder and CEO Bill Penzey took to Facebook to accuse his supporters of embracing racism.

As he stands behind an imaginary banner of “love and unity,” the arrogant little CEO Bill Penzey can’t help but reveal how little tolerance he has for anyone who disagrees with his views.

Penzey is pictured below with his wife, Geri. It’s not clear how many children the Wauwatosa, Wisconsin couple have together.

Penzey, who spews hate while selling “Choose Love” magnets online, is a total fraud.

Yesterday, the attention-seeking CEO Bill Penzey, who only has to answer to himself, used his Facebook again to launch another divisive and hateful campaign directed at over half of America.

In his Facebook promotion, Penzey asks liberals who agree with him to spend $10 in his store, and he’ll give them a 1/2 cup of their choice of spices for free.  “Cheese Off Racists for Free!” the promo reads.

As a bonus for buying into his hatred against their fellow Americans for refusing to adopt their ideology, the angry liberal will include a package of 10 stickers featuring a black fist inside a red heart with the Marxist BLM message.

Curiously, the response from a Facebook user who admittedly is a “liberal” who says she wishes Penzey didn’t do the name-calling and labeling.” The next most popular response calls Penzey’s judgment into question and assures the spice company CEO they “don’t have to worry about getting another dollar from us.”

I like Penzeys. A lot. I’m a liberal. But I kinda wish they didn’t do the name-calling and labeling. We could all do better.

I’m sorry that we have offended you by supporting your business. You don’t have to worry about getting another dollar from us. I wouldn’t dream of forcing someone to compromise their own beliefs and convictions just to serve me. I know that there are plenty of other businesses that will, and I will gladly go elsewhere. I only hope that you can be as gracious to others who would rather stand for their beliefs when someone asks for something that they believe goes against them.

And finally, this response from a Penzey’s customer pretty much sums up how Republican customers who were unaware of  Penzey’s hatred for his fellow American feel about his Facebook post:

This is yet another reason our country will always be divided, and racism will continue. By people like this company, name-calling and acting like a spoiled brat.

I loved shopping at penzeys. For the most part, their employees have always been helpful.

I will never shop or refer your company to anyone. You’ve crossed the line. Congratulations on losing a good majority of your customers.

Have fun claiming bankruptcy.

Here are a  few examples of mostly “head-scratcher” responses from liberals who are okay with spewing hatred towards their neighbors, family members, co-workers, and perfect strangers who identify with the Republican Party:

Great spices a courageous company toting liberty for all.

“liberty for all??” 

Interesting all the people who consider themselves good and righteous saying they won’t ever buy again. I find their comments enlightening and very telling. They are crawling out and exposing their true nature. Might be time to look closer at what they are feeling and ask if they ARE racist and against equality for voting. Actions speak truer than words.


Finally, this Twitter user nails it by reminding the Penzey CEO that the party he supports founded the KKK, started the Civil War, and voted against desegregation.

Feel free to let Penzey Spice Co. CEO know how you feel about his hateful comments:

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