Does anyone else get the sense Hillary is not quite as popular with Americans as the media would like us to believe? She can barely fill a phone booth with supporters at her rallies and the activity with her social media accounts pale in comparison to Donald Trump’s. Will the media be able to convince enough Americans that voters actually like or trust Hillary by November?

Flashback to 2014, before the full-force of Hillary’s reckless handling of highly classified emails put our national security at risk: People magazine has been a propaganda arm of the Left for decades. The June 16, 2014 cover promoting Hillary as our next President is no exception. Unfortunately, the propagandists at People Magazine underestimated the disinterest and dislike Americans had for Hillary Clinton when they made the decision to place her on their cover.


According to AdWeek’s report on the best and worst covers of 2014, the Clinton cover was People’s most unpopular cover of the year, selling only 503,890 copies.

Considering that 70% of People magazine’s readers are women, this embarrassing cover flop should be of great concern to the campaign of the first female candidate for President…


The most successful cover? Unsurprisingly, Robin Williams memorial issue from August sold a total of 1,169,800 copies.- Huffington Post

This is just more proof of how UNpopular Hillary Clinton truly is with American voters…and most especially with a demographic she can’t afford to lose…women voters.

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