The People’s Convention, hosted by Turning Point Action in Detroit, conducted a grassroots straw poll of the four rumored finalists for Donald Trump’s running mate.

The options included:

  • Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH)
  • Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)
  • Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC)
  • North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum

J.D. Vance overwhelmingly dominated the poll.

The Ohio senator won the poll with 43 percent of the vote.

Tim Scott came in second at 15.4 percent.

Rubio garnered 7.7 percent, while Burgum had 7.0 percent.

Daily Mail reports:

The poll was conducted by Big Data Poll for Turning Point Action, the grassroots movement founded by Charlie Kirk.

Kirk said Vance was the clear winner.

‘He has consistently been one of President Trump’s most capable and articulate defenders and surrogates and he speaks right to the Midwest Americans who attended our Detroit conference,’ he told

‘These are precisely the blue wall voters we need to win in November to reclaim the White House. His message and appeal clearly resonates with this critical voting bloc.’

Insiders say Trump has narrowed his choice down to Vance, Scott, Rubio or Burgum, although he is notorious for changing his mind or throwing in curve balls to keep people guessing.

Vance has become one of Trump’s most visible cheerleaders since being elected to the Senate and can count on his friendship with the former president’s eldest son, Don Jr. to help his case.

He rose to prominence with his 2016 memoir ‘Hillbilly Elegy.’ Its story of living with poverty and observations of addiction in Appalachia became a ‘Rosetta Stone’ for understanding life in forgotten parts of America and the corresponding popularity of Trump.

“There are a lot of smart good people that Trump is looking at, but it also applies to our senators. It applies to our congressmen and women too. We need to have people who are supporting Trump not trying to stab him in the back. It’s very very simple,” Vance responded when asked what Trump’s VP could do to advance his agenda, according to American Greatness.

“Why are we letting people bring fentanyl and poison into our communities, compete for American jobs, make hospital lines longer in our own communities? That is what happens when you let in 20 million illegal aliens. We have a lot of young people in this crowd. You know what happens when you bring in 20 million people and you have to give them all shelter?” Vance said.

“Well, not only do your taxes go up because somebody has got to pay for that shelter, but homes become so expensive that our young people can’t afford to raise families in them anymore. So that is the problem. And the solution is to deport every single illegal alien who came to this country under Joe Biden’s regime,” he continued.


Per American Greatness:

Founder Charlie Kirk has made it clear that he believes Vance would be the perfect choice for VP, telling the Daily Mail, “He is young. He has an amazing family and is the only veteran that is being considered of the finalists. But most importantly, he’s a incredibly popular, successful politician from the region of the world where Donald Trump needs to win, which is the Rust Belt.”

Though the field of potential vice presidential picks has narrowed, Trump is known for keeping people guessing and is not above throwing the occasional curveball.

For example, Trump recently added Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin to the list of VP contenders.

Trump Adds Another High Profile Name To Potential VP List

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