While the American media ignores the stunningly beautiful First Lady Melania Trump, the international media and world leaders are giving Melania and President Trump the attention they deserve.

Watch as they enter a G20 pre-dinner cultural event at the Opera House in Buenos Aires looking fantastic.

Melania Trump is always impeccably dressed with a flair for detail. Her plum-colored sheath was accented with a tan belt.

The fashion rags are missing a great opportunity to showcase Melania’s wonderful style. It’s their loss, for sure.

You can see that the Argentinian leader is enjoying his chat with President Trump. Fox Business keeps the camera on the Trumps but yammers on about Ocasio Cortez. You might want to turn the sound down and just watch the great interactions between the world leaders.

First Lady Melania Trump wore a leather Ralph Lauren jacket upon her arrival in Argentina.



She wore the floral Gucci dress for a luncheon with other first ladies today. Every outfit was spot on.

Aren’t we lucky!


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