A person suspected of having the deadly coronavirus was wheeled out of an airport in a quarantine box. The deadly virus has been spreading throughout parts of China. Travelers are being checked for the virus at the airport and quarantined if they are suspected of having the virus.

 The Mirror is reporting that the man inside the box is wearing a protective suit, a mask and gloves after he reportedly showed possible symptoms, including a fever, during screening and was isolated from other travelers.

The box is surrounded by staff wearing blue masks as it is wheeled to a waiting ambulance outside a terminal at the airport in Fuzhou in south-eastern China.


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Several US airports are screening passengers for the deadly coronavirus that has cities in China on virtual lockdown.

The Chinese city of Wuhan with 11 million people is virtually shutting down to try and stop the coronavirus outbreak.

The city is being quarantined and public transportation has been shut down to stop the spread of the deadly illness.

The new virus has killed 17 people and sickened 593 in China and spread to the US, Thailand and South Korea.

Two more Chinese cities have also been quarantined putting the total number of citizens at 20 million quarantined.

Authorities in Beijing have canceled all large-scale Chinese New Year celebrations in an effort to contain the growing spread of coronavirus.

Wuhan’s hospital is packed with people trying to get treatment:

TRANSLATION FROM CHINESE: [Wuhan epidemic] [Patient can no longer stand up when admitted to hospital] Wuhan pneumonia epidemic continues. A video shot by a netizen at a hospital in Wuhan showed that a patient seeking medical treatment had fallen at the reception and could no longer stand up.

TRANSLATION FROM CHINESE: Wuhan Hospital has crowded for the third night in a row] On the evening of January 23, fever patients were still waiting inside and outside Wuhan Hospital, and news of insufficient drugs continued to be heard in the hospital.

People in Wuhan where the illness originated are waiting to be treated but many have been turned away.

Several US airports are screening for the coronavirus. Airports in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago are doing screenings.

Do you think this is enough or should the CDC do more to prevent the deadly virus from coming to the US?

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