PETA is on the warpath against the chicken chain Popeyes because of a disposable tote that says “Emotional Support Chicken” on it. No, this is not fake news but is actually a big issue for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

They issued a blistering statement to the fast-food chain for making fun of the trend of emotional support animals on airplanes. It’s a hot issue right now because some airlines are cracking down and even prohibiting the use of any emotional support animals. People were bringing on ducks, snakes, and other bizarre animals and claiming they provide emotional support during flights.

Fox News reports: 

Popeyes is offering travelers at Philadelphia International Airport an “Emotional Support Chicken” disposable tote when they purchase a 3-piece chicken tender combo meal. The promotion provides guests with a carry-on box in the shape of a chicken and a sign boasting about its chicken’s “comforting” effects for travelers.

PETA protested on Twitter:

Popeyes is selling boxes of dead “emotional support chickens” for the holidays, proving they’re not above mocking mental illness AND animals who died gruesome deaths. This is what the box would look like if it told the truth about what goes into their food.

Oversensitive doesn’t even begin to describe PETA’s attitude.

We think the box is hysterical! Social media was mostly pro-Popeyes and pro-chicken:

The video below the tweet is great! Others posted comments in support of Popeyes and how good the chicken. This could be a great thing for Popeyes!

“Damn Popeyes is good”


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