Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg is “astonished” that people won’t instantly switch over to electric vehicles

Biden’s Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg is shocked and confused that people haven’t already ditched their affordable gas-powered vehicles in favor of in-affordable and sometimes unreliable electric cars.

Since day one, the Biden administration has been pushing for electric vehicles, which is likely a large part of why they will not tackle the gas prices they raised.

However, Pete Buttigieg condescendingly said that he is “still astonished that some folks, and I felt this when I was testifying in Congress yesterday, some folks seem to really struggle to let go of the status quo.”

He testified before Congress regarding gas-powered vs. electric vehicles, the latter of which he is a proponent of, and their impracticality and in-affordability for many Americans. That he is “astonished” that working-class people cannot and will not just ditch their current vehicle to buy a much more expensive electric because a group of radical globalists want them to is proof that he is as out of touch as the rest of the Democrats.

Curiously, most White House and government vehicles are non-electric.

When Buttigieg, Biden, and Blinken jet around the world, their carbon emissions are ridiculous.

Whenever Biden goes somewhere in his massive, gas-guzzling SUV-filled motorcade (seen below,) they produce a mess of emissions.

They won’t switch over to electric. But they want the working class to abandon their cars. Those they view as inferior people, the rabble, the peasantry, are the only ones who should have to make sacrifices so that the liberal elite can maintain their luxurious lifestyles.

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